Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Invisible Apple Cake

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Invisible Apple Cake. Invisible apple cake Invisible apple cake, or gâteau invisible, is a French dessert that gets its name from the layers of thinly sliced apples that essentially "vanish" into the light batter,. Make the Gâteau Invisible: Peel the apples and remove the cores. In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar until pale.

Invisible Apple Cake It comes together quickly and delivers an always delicious slice of apple goodness. Enjoy this cake cold from the fridge, at room temperature or warm for dessert with ice cream or a drizzle of Creme Anglaise. Invisible Apple Cake (Gâteau Invisible) features dozens of layers of thinly sliced apples held together with only a little bit of cake batter. You can cook Invisible Apple Cake using 8 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Invisible Apple Cake

  1. Prepare of apel, iris tipis.
  2. Prepare of telur.
  3. Prepare of gula pasir.
  4. You need of susu cair putih.
  5. You need of butter cair.
  6. It’s of terigu.
  7. You need of Topping:.
  8. Prepare of wijen (resep asli irisan kacang almond).

This impressive looking dessert is French, but it has become immensely popular in Japan. With apple season in full swing, I wanted to share this unique apple dessert. Invisible Apple Cake (or Layered Apple Cake) made with layers of thinly sliced apples, held together with a little bit of cake batter and spiced with a bit of cinnamon. The combination of everything is just so perfect and makes an impressive and tasty cake!

Invisible Apple Cake step by step

  1. Siapkan bahan-bahan. Dalam mangkuk aduk dengan wisk telur dan gula pasir hingga tercampur rata.. Invisible Apple Cake
    Invisible Apple Cake
  2. Tambahkan susu cair, butter dan terigu, aduk kembali hingga tercampur rata. Terakhir masukkan irisan apel, aduk asal rata..
  3. Masukan ke dalam loyang yang sudah di olesi margarin, beri topping di atasnya. Panggang pada suhu 170° C selama +/- 45 menit..
  4. Setelah matang keluarkan dan taruh di cooling rack. Setelah dingin baru di potong. Sajikan dingin lebih nikmat..

Looking for more creative dessert recipes? Invisible Apple Cake, also known as Gâteau Invisible, is a french dessert made by layering many thin layers of apple into a sweet and sticky show-stopping dessert. Serve this treat for brunch, an afternoon snack, or a dessert. How to cut the apples for Invisible Apple Cake The invisible apple cake, or gâteau invisible aux pommes in French, was the trend in French baking starting last fall. Japan caught on to this fashionable cake pretty fast around February of this year.