Recipe: Tasty Apple cake strusel

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Apple cake strusel. Pour the wet into the dry then add the raw apples and mix well. Mix together the streusel ingredients and sprinkle over the top of the batter. Arrange apple slices evenly over batter.

Apple cake strusel Combine flour, baking powder, and salt for cake in a bowl. Beat white sugar and butter together in a large bowl with an electric mixer until creamy. Apple Streusel Sheet Cake is made with fresh apple chunks and topped with crunchy German streusel. You can have Apple cake strusel using 12 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Apple cake strusel

  1. It’s of apel malang / apel yg ada (250 gr, dtimbang stlh dikupas).
  2. Prepare of kuning telur uk sdng + 1 btr telur utuh uk sdng.
  3. It’s of gula pasir butir halus /.
  4. You need of buter – margarin / margarin sj jg boleh.
  5. Prepare of tepung terigu pro sdng.
  6. You need of maizena.
  7. You need of putih telur.
  8. You need of gula pasir butir halus.
  9. You need of Bahan toping (strusel) :.
  10. Prepare of margarin.
  11. It’s of terigu.
  12. You need of keju cheddar parut / secukupnya.

German streusel is different from an American crumb topping. It's more cookie-like on top and soft on the bottom where it meets the cake. It's my favorite topping for cakes and muffins! This Apple Streusel Cake, is a delicious Fall Dessert filled with a Cinnamon and Apple filling and a buttery Crumb Topping.

Apple cake strusel step by step

  1. Buat strusel : campur semua bahan dg spatula/ sdm. Stlh tercampur rata, aduk pake tangan agak diremas2 sampai bergerindil. Sipan ke dlm kulkas..
  2. Olesi loyang uk 14x14x7 dg margarin & taburi terigu. Sisihkan. Kupas apel, cuci, rendam dg air garam 5mnt. Parut dg parut keju. Hasil akan berubah jd coklat, tp gpp..
  3. Panaskan oven 10 – 15 mnt. Mixer putih telur + 2 sdm gula, dr speed rendah ke speed tg, slm 5 mnt. Sisihkan..
  4. Cuci balon mixer, lap sampai kering. Mixer margarin + 4 sdm gula, dr speed rendah ke speed tinggi slm 2 mnt, masukkan kuning telur & telur utuh satu persatu, sambil dimixer slm 5 mnt. Matikan mixer..
  5. Masukkan terigu scr bertahab bergantian dg apel, sambil dimixer dg speed rendah asal tercampur sj. Matikan mixer. Tambahkan kocokan putih telur scr bertahab aduk balik dg spatula sampai tercampur rata..
  6. Tuang adonan pd loyang. Hentak2kan bbrp kali. Kluarkan bhn strusel dr kulkas. Taburkan d atas adonan td. Oven dg api sdng -/+ 45 mnt atau sampai matang sesuai oven masing2..

The perfect Breakfast, Snack or Dessert Cake. Cake: Mix the butter and brown sugar, then add sifted flour, cornflour and baking powder. Finally add the eggs, vanilla and lemon flavour. Spread diced apples over the base in the spring form. Using tongs, arrange apples evenly in a single layer over cake mixture.