Easiest Way to Prepare Appetizing Es Strawberry Yakult

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Es Strawberry Yakult. Wash the strawberries and put them into the mixing cup. Pour into the Yakult. add water. (Of course, if you are willing to drink two bottles of Yakult, you will not need to add water.) Add honey. Place the point into the mixing base.

Es Strawberry Yakult Insert a straw and enjoy! (You can also blend it if you like). Get two large servings of their Yakult Series. Choose from Lemon Yakult, Mango Yakult, Strawberry Yakult, Orange Yakult, and Green Tea Yakult. You can have Es Strawberry Yakult using 3 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Es Strawberry Yakult

  1. You need of Yakult.
  2. You need of strawberry ukuran kecil.
  3. You need of Es batu.

If you're not into Yakult, don't worry, they've got options for you too! AssalammAlaikum,Terima kasih sudah klik video nyakali ini buat minuman segar yang hanya tiga bahan.strawberry, Sprite dan Yakultbahan hanya di campurkan deng. If there's one drink from our childhood that really stood out the most, it's Yakult. Its sweet, fruity flavor is very memorable to us.

Es Strawberry Yakult step by step

  1. Blender Yakult dan strawberry..
  2. Tuang kedalam gelas yang sudah berisi es batu..

We often had it for our baon, or even when we were just lounging around the house. And while it's good enough on its own, it's also super versatile—you can add other beverages to it to make a completely new refreshment! Try nyo po gawin, sobrang sarap. And share it with your family. Thanks Armigne sa Yakult from Philippines.