How to Prepare Yummy Kue Lumpur Snack 11m Qiana

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Kue Lumpur Snack 11m Qiana. Resep masakan jajanan pasar ini sangat cocok untuk yang suka dan belajar memasak. Jangan lupa share dan ratenya, semoga bermanfaat. We are South East Asia's leading comparison site for retail banking, insurance and utility products.

Kue Lumpur Snack 11m Qiana The guests were given gift hampers while the children were given special duit raya packets, a Faber-Castell stationery set and snacks like Twisties and Cheezels, while the senior citizens were given items like body cream and. Casual Japanese bowls and creative seafood snacks. Torii Sashimi, Unagi Fried Rice, Beef Donburi. You can have Kue Lumpur Snack 11m Qiana using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Kue Lumpur Snack 11m Qiana

  1. It’s of Kentang kecil dikukus, haluskan.
  2. Prepare of Mentega cairkan.
  3. It’s of Air.
  4. You need of Santan kara.
  5. You need of Gula pasir.
  6. Prepare of Tepung terigu.

Discover where to eat in Singapore based on millions of community reviews. The groom r.' : ;.' ! Bakeling, ya, this Hokkian braised mee really 古早味 , like those Ah Mah cook one. A traditional snack that is widely enjoyed by the local Teochew dialect group, the Rice Kueh comprises glutinous rice encased in a pink steamed dough layer.

Kue Lumpur Snack 11m Qiana instructions

  1. Larutkan gula dengan air 200ml, campur dengan santan, tambahkan terigu, masukkan kentang halus aduk rata, saring.
  2. Cairkan mentega di teflon, dinginkan.
  3. Campur adonan dengan mentega di wadah.
  4. Panaskan teflon, masukkan adonan, tunggu 15-20 menit, tutup. Tambahkan topping saat adonan selesai dimasak..

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