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My roti boy. Great recipe for Roti Boy or Mexican bun (Uniquely Malaysian). Check out my other Roti Boy or Mexican Coffee Buns recipe. Note : Recipe is in Australian Standard Metric measuring tools (cups, spoons and weighing scale) #rotiboy #mexicancoffeebun #buns #bun #paparoti #rotiboy #mexicanbun #bun.

My roti boy It's simple, it's quick, it tastes delicious. It is enjoyed by millions daily. Roti Boy (coffee bun with butter & cheese filling) is something which I've loved my whole life. You can cook My roti boy using 18 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of My roti boy

  1. Prepare of terigu pro tinggi.
  2. Prepare of terigu pro sedang.
  3. It’s of ragi (me: fermipan).
  4. You need of gula pasir.
  5. You need of susu bubuk.
  6. You need of ml(1 kuning telur + susu cair full cream).
  7. It’s of butter.
  8. You need of garam.
  9. It’s of Bahan topping:.
  10. Prepare of butter.
  11. It’s of gula halus.
  12. Prepare of terigu.
  13. Prepare of bp.
  14. You need of putih telur.
  15. Prepare of kopi instan seduh dgn 1 sdm air panas.
  16. Prepare of Mocca pasta.
  17. Prepare of Isian:.
  18. Prepare of butter sy bekukan kemudian potong2 kotak.

They are fine and they look wonderful. Proudly presenting my Milo Coffee Roti Boy / Mexican Coffee Buns. With soft fluffy bread, buttery milky filling and crispy thin Milo Coffee topping Why my butter filling? Love Roti Boy's all-butter filling but hate when the butter disappear after baking?

My roti boy step by step

  1. Campur semua bahan untuk adonan kecuali garam dan butter. Adon hingga stengah kalis. Masukkan garam dan margarin, adon atau mexer lg hingga kalis..
  2. Tutup adonan dengan plastik wrapping selama 1 jam.(plastik wrappingnya entah kmana, jd pakai kresekan 😅😅).
  3. Padatkan kembali adoanan yang dah naik. Bulatkan adonan 40gr, kemudian isi butter beku. Sisihkan 20 menit hingga naik hampir 2 kali lipat..
  4. Buat topping nya… aduk rata semua bahan kecuali putih telur. Aduk hingga lembut dgn wisk. Sisihkan. Ditempat lain, mexer putih telur hingga kaku. Keduanya kemudian disatukan. Aduk rata.
  5. Isi topping dlm plastik segitiga, kemudia semprot diatas roti dgn cara melingkar. Kemudian panggang dgn suhu 180 derajat sekitar 25 mnt. Sesuaikan oven masing2 y moms….
  6. Taraaaa…. ini enaaaakkk bgt… g cukup klo cuman makan 1.. beneran…😃😃😋.

Worst when the buns seem to have large empty holes in the middle and you are wondering. The challenge is how to deliver the boys to our fans and yet be able to maintain the heavenly taste and at the same time manage the high delivery cost to our bun price. We have now come up with a solution that is better than freshly baked signatures delivery. Now under our Rotiboy Home Bakers initiative, you can enjoy your signature buns fresh. Roti Boy Before coming to San Jose, in addition to my sister's request for cakes, I also wanted to make something for my bff, Nana.