How to Make Tasty Elote Corn

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Elote Corn. Inspired by Mexican street food, elotes are the perfect party appetizer in a cup, filled with with canned corn, mayo, Tajin®, cheese, and lime juice. I have been making corn this way for years. Roll the grilled corn in butter, then the mayonnaise mixture, sprinkle with Cotija cheese (do not use Parmesan as it is not the same nor authentic to the corn the street vendors serve in Mexico), sprinkle with McCormick's Mexican hot chili powder.

Elote Corn Roasted over an open grill, it's then coated with salt, chile powder, butter, cotija cheese, lime juice, and mayonnaise or crema fresca. Elote (aka Mexican Street Corn) is an unbelievably popular antojito (little craving or street food) that you can find all over Mexico and the US. It's often served on a stick, though you could. You can cook Elote Corn using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Elote Corn

  1. It’s of Jagung Manis.
  2. It’s of Mayones.
  3. Prepare of Snack/makanan ringan(bisa pakai Cheetos,Doritos dll).
  4. Prepare of Boncabe.
  5. Prepare of Gula dan Garam.
  6. You need of Air untuk merebus Jagung.

Elote, aka Mexican Street Corn, will be your new favorite side dish. It's charred and juicy corn on the cob smothered in a cheesy chile, lime, and cilantro sauce. Perfect for a BBQ, potluck or your Cinco de Mayo celebration. This Elote (Mexican Street Corn) is truly the best dip ever.

Elote Corn step by step

  1. Letakkan jagung dalam air yang dibubuhi gula dan garam,rebus selama kurang lebih 10 menit.
  2. Setelah matang,angkat dan olesi dengan mayones hingga rata.
  3. Blender/haluskan snack(makanan ringan),letakkan di piring dan bubuhi boncabe. Aduk rata.
  4. Selimuti jagung dengan campuran bubuk snack dan boncabe hingga rata. Sajikan.

Grilled corn mixed with a luscious creamy spicy mixture, spices, fresh cilantro, and Cotija cheese! Elote or Mexican Street Corn is a summer must-make! Once it is hot, add the oil (this helps to create a nonstick surface in a regular pan). You can use frozen corn or fresh corn you cut off the cobs. Even though corn is pretty simple and humble ingredients, there are so many ways to make it.