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Portuguese egg taart. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface, and knead several times to make the dough more elastic. Roll the pieces into balls, and set aside. If you've ever been to Portugal, you know that one of the greatest pastries to binge-eat there is the Portuguese egg tart: its crisp, flaky crust holding a creamy custard center, blistered on top.

Portuguese egg taart Portuguese egg tart is a rich flaky pastry filled with a sweet creamy egg custard filling. The famous Pastel de Nata Portuguese Egg Tarts are a rich eggy custard-like tart encased in a crispy and flaky crust found across Portugal, but most prevalently in its birthplace of Lisbon. One of the most famous types of egg tart is the Pasteis de nata. You can cook Portuguese egg taart using 8 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Portuguese egg taart

  1. Prepare of Filling aduk jadi satu yaa.
  2. It’s 60 gr of Whipping Cream cair.
  3. It’s 60 gr of Gula Pasir.
  4. It’s 2 of Kuning Telur.
  5. Prepare 1 sdm of Tepung Maizena.
  6. Prepare 260 ml of Susu Full Cream Cair.
  7. You need 1/2 sdt of Vanilla paste.
  8. Prepare of Crust : Saya pakai merk Edo,gilas ringan lalu saya cetak bulat2, saya padatkan di cupnya,tusuk2 pakai garpu di dasarnya.

The portuguese egg tart which features a sweet egg custard in a puff pastry shell. But, though it may be world famous, was it the original egg tart? A pastel de nata is a Portuguese custard tart made with puff pastry and filled with egg custard that is served with a dusting of powdered sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. The tarts are baked at a blazingly hot temperature until the tops are scorched.

Portuguese egg taart instructions

  1. Panaskan oven 250 derajat dahulu 2. Aduk bahan filling jadi 1 di atas kompor dengan api kecil sampai cukup kental tapi jangan terlalu kental (konsistensi seperti di foto step saat adonan dituang dari sendok) 3.Tuang filling sampai 3/4 cup 4. Panggang dengan suhu 200 derajat sampai permukaan terkaramelisasi cokelat2 dan bagian puff cokelat keemasan dan kriukks banget…
  2. Note : Memang diperlukan suhu tinggi untuk Portuguese egg taart,supaya bagian permukaan terkaremelisasi dengan cantikk dan puff bisa langsung engembang sempurna,ndak mlempem…

Portuguese Custard Tarts (pasteis de nata or pastel de nata) are sweeter, less eggy, and sometimes dusted with cinnamon. The pastry is also slightly different from what you might find in Macau, These are also both different from Hong Kong Egg Tarts, which have a glassy rather than scorched surface, and often a more shortbread-like crust. These diminutive egg tarts — pasteis de nata — a specialty all over Portugal, have a cinnamon flavored custard nestled in a flaky puff pastry crust. The trick here is to bake them in a very hot. These pasteis de nata, or Portuguese custard tarts, are a specialty of Belem, near Lisbon.