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Kastengel simple. Kastengel is one of the must-have cookies during any celebrations and holidays such as Eid al Fitr or Christmas. This cheese-laden, savory cookie is the star among other cookies. It is usually the first one to go compared to other cookies served to the guests.

Kastengel simple Tags: cheese, cookies, dessert, dutch, Indonesian, Snack. People also refer to it as cheese sticks or cheese shortbread. As the name suggests, cheese is the most important ingredient to make these cookies. You can cook Kastengel simple using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Kastengel simple

  1. It’s of margarin185gr (sy pkai palmia).
  2. Prepare of terigu 250gr (segitiga biru).
  3. You need of Telur 1 butir (kuningnya saja).
  4. Prepare of keju 120 gr (winzheeze/bisa diganti).
  5. Prepare of Bahan olesan :.
  6. It’s of kuning telur+minyak goreng+keju parut.

We can guess that they taste salty. Well, if you like salty food, this is definitely worth trying. Kaasstengels is an Indonesian dutch cookies which is popular during the Ramadan and Christmas in Indonesia. I decided to make one as I was craving for this t.

Kastengel simple instructions

  1. Campur telur dan margarin, aduk dg wisk.
  2. Kemudian campur kan keju parut.
  3. Uleni adonAn dan pipihkan.
  4. Cetak dg cetakan kue kering, kmd olesi dg bahan olesa, dan taburi keju parut.
  5. Panggang 30 menit, pindah kan rak dr yg bawah ke yg atas (jika pakai otang). Tarraaaaa… sdh jadi….

Kastengel or kue keju is Dutch influenced-Indonesian cheese cookie in the form of sticks. The name describes its ingredients, shape and origin; kaas is the D. Kastangel is toasted sweetness and tasty cake that always suitable to complete lebaran nuance. Kastengel is a type of Indonesian savoury cookies. They look alike, but they are actually different.